Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Press Release for Lost Plasma Productions


Artist know for Dark Artwork starts Lost Plasma Productions, blends Indie Film with Silicone Valley startup model.

San Francisco, CA - July 30th, 2013

John U. Abrahamson has been producing artwork that explores the darker side of the human condition for over 20 years. Over that last several years he has ventured into the world of film and working with director Drew Daywalt on several projects.

“I began to see a frustration with the current production to distribution pipeline with the folks I knew in the business. I felt there was a need for an advocate for the film makers, someone who understood the creative processes as well as the need for innovative marketing, financing and distribution.”

I spend allot of time at coffee shops. I hear many conversations about startup financing and business models. I thought to myself “Why not build a film production company as you would any other startup?” The business model makes sense, I am in the heart of Silicon Valley and Venture Capitalists, why not merge the two worlds?

Hollywood is in the midst of massive change and no one really knows how it will shake out. I can think of no better time to try a new approach.

Lost Plasma Productions will develop content that is thoughtful, character driven and walks along the razors edge. LPP will headquarter in San Francisco and is in the early stages of funding. The production company’s name was inspired by the first film Abrahamson ever worked on namely “Vampire Vow” based on the novel by Michael Schiefelbein. Trying to get that film made was one of the inspirations for the production company. The story deals with some tough issues and I wanted to see a company that would have the guts to see it to fruition, so I decided to create just such a production company myself.

“I am making a home for artists of a like minded aesthetic to gravitate towards. A company that will protect the integrity of their projects and is one step ahead of the newly developing curve. Marketing and new platforms for distribution will be of special focus. The bases of funding will be structured like any tech startup would. I have seen a need and we are filling that need for both the producers of the product and the end consumer as well. It is a win-win situation if done properly and we will do it right.”


John U. Abrahamson




Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Best Part of Building a Team

On call to my Congresswomen Jackie Spears today.  Her staff members were most helpful with tax incentives and helping me through the maze of bureaucracy needed to get to the right folk.  I have to say that overall I have been quite pleased with the responses from everyone.
Which brings me to the best part.  Bringing together a group of artists who's work I really respect.  It will be even more satisfying to see them create and it will even more satisfying still to get their labors of love to the public.
The one thing I definitely have down is a good lawyer.  I am at least rest assured on having my back watched while moving through the wilds.
This Friday I have a conference call with one of the more influential people assisting in this little misadventure which I am definitely looking forward to.  Though I will need to sharpen a few pencils in prep for that.
My experience with Hollywood in the past has been that there is a lot of talk, everyone has some great project about to pop.  Little to nothing ever really happens.  That is why I want the folks that join forces with LPP to see actions not words.  So I may be blogging the progress along the way, I will not ask my coveted creatives to take part until I have a solid business plan to present with results.
This is however, an exercise in collaboration and will continue to be so.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

From the Generousity of Others

I have to say that the out pouring of assistance from all my film folk has been so heart warming.  I am putting most of my energies into developing a solid advisory team.  I have not been for lack there of.  The road ahead continues to steepen but simply strengthens my resolve.  Primarily because the people I want to do this for deserve it.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Planning to Plan

Much like the build up to the "Flesh and Blood" show I will document the trials and tribulations of learning and executing a solid business plan for Lost Plasma Productions.

It has been quite a journey just to get to this point and there is much further to go.  It has been very heart warming how helpful people have been with one person in particular who will remain nameless until he tells me it is Okay to mention him.

What I am starting with is a passion.

A passion for good story telling, visuals and of craft.  The flip side is something that has always been a great asset in my artistic career and that is the business side of the creative arts.

In studio I would create without the slightest thoughts of sales or how anyone would see it.  I painted from a need.  Once the painting or an entire series was completed, then I would step back adorn the hat of a business person and ask myself, "Okay, now how do I market and sell this this?"

To which I have been very successful.

The mission is to make thoughtful films that are character driven and that dwell in the darker realms of the human condition.

We will be looking for fearless individuals with a similar passion and vision.  It will be my job to ensure that the artisans joining this little misadventure are given the tools, money and opportunity to bring story from script to film to distribution.  The later part being of special interest for me.  As a writer/director associate of mine once said, "A book does not exist until it is read." and I want to make sure that the films that LP Productions make get seen!

The business end is something I am excited about.  Quite frankly I am sick and tired of the shit that is vomited out of Hollywood.  I have always said that Hollywood reminds me of my pet dog when I was growing up.  After our dinner he would jump up on the table and eat the scraps.  Then go outside and take a shit, then eat that too. There has to be a better way.  Much like any startup, where there is a need not being met then go out and make it.

I will work diligently, pay everyone (no one should work for free, ever), make sure there is fun on set and produce work that we are all proud of.  The catch is that I will gather the darker minded directors, DPs, writers, actors and production staff within this medium exclusively.   If you associate with my work then lets talk. LP Products will definitely have a look.

Looking forward to this journey!  Join us.  Email me at jua@johnua.com