Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Press Release for Lost Plasma Productions


Artist know for Dark Artwork starts Lost Plasma Productions, blends Indie Film with Silicone Valley startup model.

San Francisco, CA - July 30th, 2013

John U. Abrahamson has been producing artwork that explores the darker side of the human condition for over 20 years. Over that last several years he has ventured into the world of film and working with director Drew Daywalt on several projects.

“I began to see a frustration with the current production to distribution pipeline with the folks I knew in the business. I felt there was a need for an advocate for the film makers, someone who understood the creative processes as well as the need for innovative marketing, financing and distribution.”

I spend allot of time at coffee shops. I hear many conversations about startup financing and business models. I thought to myself “Why not build a film production company as you would any other startup?” The business model makes sense, I am in the heart of Silicon Valley and Venture Capitalists, why not merge the two worlds?

Hollywood is in the midst of massive change and no one really knows how it will shake out. I can think of no better time to try a new approach.

Lost Plasma Productions will develop content that is thoughtful, character driven and walks along the razors edge. LPP will headquarter in San Francisco and is in the early stages of funding. The production company’s name was inspired by the first film Abrahamson ever worked on namely “Vampire Vow” based on the novel by Michael Schiefelbein. Trying to get that film made was one of the inspirations for the production company. The story deals with some tough issues and I wanted to see a company that would have the guts to see it to fruition, so I decided to create just such a production company myself.

“I am making a home for artists of a like minded aesthetic to gravitate towards. A company that will protect the integrity of their projects and is one step ahead of the newly developing curve. Marketing and new platforms for distribution will be of special focus. The bases of funding will be structured like any tech startup would. I have seen a need and we are filling that need for both the producers of the product and the end consumer as well. It is a win-win situation if done properly and we will do it right.”


John U. Abrahamson




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