Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Best Part of Building a Team

On call to my Congresswomen Jackie Spears today.  Her staff members were most helpful with tax incentives and helping me through the maze of bureaucracy needed to get to the right folk.  I have to say that overall I have been quite pleased with the responses from everyone.
Which brings me to the best part.  Bringing together a group of artists who's work I really respect.  It will be even more satisfying to see them create and it will even more satisfying still to get their labors of love to the public.
The one thing I definitely have down is a good lawyer.  I am at least rest assured on having my back watched while moving through the wilds.
This Friday I have a conference call with one of the more influential people assisting in this little misadventure which I am definitely looking forward to.  Though I will need to sharpen a few pencils in prep for that.
My experience with Hollywood in the past has been that there is a lot of talk, everyone has some great project about to pop.  Little to nothing ever really happens.  That is why I want the folks that join forces with LPP to see actions not words.  So I may be blogging the progress along the way, I will not ask my coveted creatives to take part until I have a solid business plan to present with results.
This is however, an exercise in collaboration and will continue to be so.

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