Sunday, August 11, 2013

Conversation and Inspiration

Conversations with lots on industry folk, reading, reading and more reading, scripts, magazines, books, my head feels like it is about to explode!  Business plans, pitches, development, research, financial planning, LEGAL (bullshit) enough things to drive a person crazy but that's the job.  All the numbers and salesmanship so the artists don't have to.  Pulling together resources and maximizing the efficacy there of.

In the midst of all this however is the inspiration, the core why I plow through all this in the first place.

the Bill Obster Jr. (one of the hardest work men in film I know) and I have been deeply (deeply doesn't even begin to scratch the surface) DEEPLY involved in a correspondence that has been more inspirational, thought provoking and challenging than anything I have experienced artistically in a long time.  The fruits of this will be the foundation for the first or one of the first projects LPP will bring to film.

Excitement and fear overtake me as I read and respond to Bill's emails.  I won't tip my hat too much but one only needs to know of my work to see where the conversation is going.  The intersection of artist and actor and the collision of our respective inner thoughts are making for some very interesting developments.

The project gives teeth to LPP and is exactly the kind of work we want to bring to the screen. Look, it scares me, truly scares me in concept and as a product, for Bill it means really putting himself out there and the risks for him are huge.  I can only sit there and be in awe of the commitment he is making to this.

Exciting times in the face of extreme uncertainty but then again, "This life is more than just a read through." (Red Hot Chilly Peppers)


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